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The Cyclic Feminine

The Cyclic Feminine 12 April 2021 Today I would love to share a bit more on honoring the cyclic Feminine. Since I am heading more and more towards giving birth to our beautiful and sacred son, and seeing and feeling the current state of our world, the Feminine and her cyclic nature is asking for attention.  She Blooms.  She was born about 6 years ago. Out of an extensive and in-depth research for my thesis on young adolescents and sexuality […]

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The Plague of Pressure

The Plague of Pressure 22 March 2021 Last week I woke up one morning with my head spinning around and around. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things I needed to do in a very short time. I am heading towards #30weekspregnant which means I only have about 10 weeks left to do all the things I should do while pregnant. Because the time is now to enjoy it. It took me a little while, a good practice and […]

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Shame Disconnects

Shame Disconnects 15 February 2021 Shame DisconnectsFrom Yourself. From others. One of the main reasons women come to me is that they want to release shame. Shame of their (sensual) bodies, shame of their sexuality and being a sexual woman. With this, deep down, shame of who they really are. There are different levels of shame: ·      Shame of your thoughts > that what you think is crazy;·      Shame of what you feel > that certain things you feel, should […]

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tessa custers yin yoga and female sexuality

Yin Yoga & Female Sexuality

Yin Yoga & Female Sexuality 14 January 2021 I remember clearly the moment I created the Instagram account #yinyogasouthafrica. I just moved to South Africa, and I couldn’t find a nice Yin Yoga class that fulfilled my needs. Coming from Holland and teaching a few packed yin yoga classes a week, I was surprised by the lack of this in Cape Town. It just did not seem to be a thing here so much.. And if I found yin classes, […]

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free your soul tessa custers

Free Your Soul

Free Your Soul 31 December 2020 Opening your heart to your path, will free your soul. Do you dare to choose? If there is anything I learned this year, is that you always have a choice in how you see and perceive the world. For example, if you wake up grumpy you have the choice to either stay grumpy and let the grumpiness determine your day, or you could choose to embrace your grumpiness, do a practice that will bring […]

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