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An unexpected awakening

An unexpected awakening 5 August 2021 An unexpected awakening from one of my clients, Mirjam Leslie, who took part in my Free your Feminine 7-week program: What my daughter already knows… …and I hope she does NOT unlearn as she matures. Not often do we tend to take the advice from a 5-year-old. Quite the contrary in fact. But there’s an innate wisdom in my daughter. Full disclosure: she’s not exceptionally bright or intellectually gifted. But when I look at […]

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My Aching Heart

My Aching Heart 21 July 2021 My Aching, Fearing, Longing and Loving Heart It somehow also feels important to share some of my written words about our very sad news on my blog. Our baby boy did not make it through labor. Our beautiful son Jade died a few hours before he was born on the 6th of June. I wish I had better news to share, and photos of how he is growing every day. But unfortunately I don’t. […]

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Feminine Embodiment

Feminine Embodiment 7 June 2021 Empowered Feminine Embodiment  Female or Feminine embodiment. You might have come across this term before. It depicts the very essence of the work I do: Guiding courageous women to embody their Feminine. But what does it REALLY mean and why is it important? Simply put it means that body and mind are connected. Intertwined.   Without a body, there is no sense of self.  The Oxford English Dictionary defines embodiment as “a tangible or visible form […]

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Feminine Economy

Feminine Economy 9 May 2021 Dreaming of a Feminine Economy One of my biggest questions in my journey of choosing to become a mom or not has been, can I still run my own business and live my passion, and be a magical mom who is present with her children and family? Without too much stress and pressure (and preferably no stress and pressure :)) In the end my choice was merely made by this soul who really wanted to […]

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Birthed into Motherhood

Birthed into Motherhood 27 April 2021 Being birthed into motherhood, a rite of passage Last week was a lot of ‘last times’, when it came to my work. I finished  my last coaching package, and with that a beautiful journey with a woman into realizing that all she had been searching for outside of her, is actually inside: “It was me I was looking for”. The last sister circle for a while, with such a nourishing soft sensual energy. The […]

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