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Life Transitions

Life Transitions 6 April 2022 life transitions   I have been thinking a lot lately about life transitions. More specifically about navigating through life transitions. Those times in your life where your foundation is swept away. The major upheavals in life, where everything feels uncertain and change and uncertainty are the only constants in your daily life.  Life transitions like a new job, stepping into a serious relationship, being confronted with death, divorce or break up or a move to […]

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The Pains and Powers of baby loss

The Pains and Powers of baby loss 30 November 2021 the pains and powers of baby loss   When I was asked to write something for the fertility clinic in Cape Town about losing our baby Jade I felt an instant yes, and also an insecurity and vulnerability rising up. The journey of healing through stillbirth, as I like to call the journey, is not an easy one, and there are so many layers, so where do I start? The […]

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Cherish Stone

Cherish Stone 13 October 2021 A bronze Cherish Stone with Jade’s ashes I feel so lucky to have met so many amazing women in my life. I am going to be honest, it took a while to open myself fully up to intimate relationships with women. I have had my struggles and somehow I often just thought friendships with boys/men were easier. I guess because they seem less complicated and in my experience had less expectations ;). I know now […]

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Why not me?

Why not me? 12 October 2021 Why not me? One of the articles I came across that gave me some great insights was one written by Lucy Hone on resilient grieving. She basically says that if you are alive you will probably have to deal with some tough times in your life. Tragedy and sorrow will happen.  She wanted to be an active participant in her grieving process, and with all the tools and research she knew, find her way. […]

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I allow myself to be held

I allow myself to be held 10 October 2021 Allowing myself to be held In these four months I haven’t read a lot about grieving, mainly because I feel and I have felt that it takes me away from my own experience. Every now and then I came across some inspiring articles or posts that somehow have a different and inspiring view. The same with people. It has been so refreshing to for example meet our new GP that just […]

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