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6 April 2022

Life Transitions

Life Transitions 6 April 2022 life transitions   I have been thinking a lot lately about life transitions. More specifically about navigating through life...

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9 May 2021

Feminine Economy

Feminine Economy 9 May 2021 Dreaming of a Feminine Economy One of my biggest questions in my journey of choosing to become a mom...

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27 April 2021

Birthed into Motherhood

Birthed into Motherhood 27 April 2021 Being birthed into motherhood, a rite of passage Last week was a lot of ‘last times’, when it...

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12 April 2021

The Cyclic Feminine

The Cyclic Feminine 12 April 2021 Today I would love to share a bit more on honoring the cyclic Feminine. Since I am heading...

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23 November 2018

Letting Go is A Greatest Art

Letting Go is A Greatest Art 23 September 2020 Letting go, is a greatest art of living. Although for me this blog does not...

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23 May 2018


Blooming. 23 May 2018 What a crazy ride it was! From the moment the Africa project got the name She Blooms, my journey started....

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23 October 2017

(s)he, too

She Too 23 October 2017 I have waited for the biggest #metoo storm to pass, one the hand because I often need more time...

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23 April 2017


Reset 23 April 2017 This journey of She Blooms is one big journey inside of myself. After I have arrived in Africa I may...

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