Letting Go is A Greatest Art

Letting Go is A Greatest Art

Letting go,
is a greatest art of living.

Although for me this blog does not come as a surprise, and a period of doubt and questioning has preceded this, I write this letter with a sad but knowing heart. Last week when I was walking around the block I got this insight that I may stop with She Blooms. In the meaning of that I won’t sell soaps anymore and that I may let go of that this is what I need to do. It simply does not flow, and that is why it is time for change: daring to let go (and that is freaking scary), reap the benefits of what it brought me and determining a new course.

The period soap is a beautiful concept, but I cannot get it sold. I do not know if that is because of my sales skills or that people do not want to buy it. In the Netherlands people like the story, and mostly like the fact that they do good in Africa. They don’t really use the soap themselves (because soap isn’t very handy, it is slippery and a plastic bottle is often easier). Also the average Dutch lady doesn’t believe that she needs to celebrate her womanhood more. That our sexual education system isn’t very good, stays also mostly my opinion, with a few people agreeing. In South Africa the market seems even more difficult, but that is mostly because of the conservative cultural background.

I strongly believe that sexual healing is one of the biggest needs in the world of today. In the broadest sense of the word. On the level of sexuality and intimacy, the balance between masculine and feminine energy, we should really re-investigate the effects of a patriarchal society and not-to-forget our relationship with our own bodies and the appreciation of this beautiful natural wonder.

The only thing is that I do not think that I am the person to spread this further into the world via She Blooms. I have made the first steps and now it is time for others to take it further.

If there is a mantra that I have often used in the last couple of years it is the following: ‘tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are’. Admitting to myself that I am not a social business owner is the biggest gift I can give to myself.
She Blooms has been great to me. It has brought me sexual healing, in various ways. I got back in touch with my vagina, and I love my vulva. I have learned that I, as a woman, can take the lead, and be a leader. I had the possibility to close an unclosed chapter, I got ready to leave the development worker in me in the past. I got to connect South Africa and The Netherlands, my yin and yang, for and within me. I have been able to let go of the belief that soft men are untrustworthy and could open myself to invite a gorgeous man into my life to walk the path of life together.

The utterly most beautiful gift She Blooms gave me is that it showed me that I bloom in my work as a bodyworker and artist. That is what sparks me, that is what makes the energy flow in my veins. And everything that I want to convey with She Blooms you can find back in what I do with Chez Tes. Small, intimate, deep, intuitive, creative, powerful and with joy. Celebrating the woman in me. Creating recipes for a happy healthy soul.

The project in Kayamandi stays as it is. I will make sure that I have enough people in my workshops and on my massage matt that 200 women every year will receive a soap and a workshop. It will be my own charity that I donate to every month. And maybe I will continue using the soap as my own gift. Because I still believe that every woman that receives (and uses) the soap will be stimulated to make choices from her own base (pelvic) and to let her own voice be heard.

At last: a big big big gratitude to you. For all the support and the trust I have received of the last 3 years. Next to all the other things that She Blooms has brought me is the love and warmth of such a beautiful community a huge gift. I felt carried by you, and without that feeling I would not have been here where I am now, carrying myself and ready to bring the world sexual healing in a way that suits me.

And Together we keep on blooming!, Viva la Vagina!,

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