Free Your Feminine

Free Your Feminine

A sensual homecoming

What does it mean to be a woman
& have a pussy?

Be part & connect to a group of amazing women on this epic 7-week online journey where you will experience freedom in womanhood, honor the Feminine in you and fall madly in love with your sensual-self!

"I wish every woman/womxn could experience this course and realise the magic, fullness and incredible sensual potential of her entire being"

Barbara S.

come home to yourself

What if you could feel safe in your sexual body.

Connected to yourself, and others.

Experience joy.




With noting to live up or comply with.

No yardstick to measure yourself up to.

Just powerful focused presence.

A deep understanding of the Feminine.

Honoring her.

Receiving her.

It is possible.

It is all right here, available, present within you.

Waiting to be revealed.

Is this you?
  • Feeling numb, and sometimes even experiencing pain during sex
  • Living in your head, struggling to connect to your body
  • Feeling shame/guilt/judgment around being a sexual woman
  • Disconnected from pleasure
  • Successful in your career, but unable to apply this in your love life
  • Struggling to let go of control
  • Limited sex drive, especially when it comes to self-pleasure
  • So busy doing, delivering and finishing off to-do lists
  • Putting everyone else first
  • Unable to set boundaries or realizing boundaries were crossed after the fact
  • Loosing yourself in (romantic) relationships
  • Dating men/women that are not what you need
  • Feeling unworthy or not entitled to sexual pleasure
  • Unable to move towards a sexual experience rather than performance

Pause, Feel & Explore...
... and discover what freedom of your Feminine  means to you.
Stand together with women and join the 7-week program now.

you will discover
  • Safety within yourself, and your body;
  • How to deeply love, appreciate and accept your body and sensual body parts;
  • How to liberate stuck emotions in your body;
  • The liberating effect of DANCE!;
  • Your story and what has held you back to achieve what you really want;
  • What your pussy really wants and has to say;
  • Your source of pleasure and how to allow yourself to feel it;
  • How to look at yourself as if it were for the very first time;
  • Awesome practical tools to continue to awaken and nourish your sensual self – even after the program;
  • How to treat yourself with utter Love and Kindness.

you will gain

weekly guided meditation and practice as part of our 100 minute group session

♡ weekly lecture as part of our 100 minute group session

♡ 6 x 100 minute group sessions:
with meditations, practices and lectures + 20 minute live Q&A after class;

Home play to practice what you have learned, with guided meditations to make it more accessible;

♡ Access to a private FB group with other epic women;

♡ Access to the recordings of the sessions so you can always go back to rewatch and/or redo.

♡ Oh and did I mention already that you will dancing intuitively in every session 🙂

course information

session 1: 25 Feb
session 2: 4 March
session 3: 11 March
integration week with 60min Q&A
session 4: 25 March
session 5: 1 April
session 6: 8 April

19.00 - 20.40pm CEST/ 20.00 - 21.40pm SAST
(classes in April will be 19.00 -20.40pm CEST/SAST)
there will be an optional 20 minute Q&A after class

during sessions you always have the option to switch your video & sound off if you feel more comfortable with that.

all sessions will be presented in English and will be recorded so you can re-watch in your own time

*if you have experienced sexual trauma, please book a discovery call with me first, so we can decide if you are ready for joining a group program or not.

Your Investment

what other women say

discover why

you should join this course

in this 6 weeks you will be diving into

yummy tools & practices

"Each time a woman stands up for herself,
without knowing it possibly,
without claiming it,
she stands up for all women

Maya Angelou

hello beautiful,
I am Tessa

I have been there. Big time. Feeling stuck in life, disconnected from my body. I was terrified to feel and I thought that by ignoring the signals of my body they would go away eventually.

Luckily they did not.

Deep inside, without knowing on a conscious level I was so scared of intimacy. With the partner I dreamed of, but didn’t cross my path. And first and foremost scared of being intimate with myself. 

It was only when my body shut down completely that I started to go within. A journey that started over 10 years ago, and through therapy, bodywork and lots and lots of practices, I started to see and feel that I had ignored my Feminine. For so so long… The yin energy that wanted to flow through my system so badly. The sacred, free, wild, intuitive and sensual Feminine. My emotions wanted to be liberated, my inner child wanted to be healed and held, my female lineage begged me to put a stop to years and years of suppression and generational shame of the sexy, vulnerable and alive Feminine.

Eventually it was my pussy who started to speak to me. I couldn’t ignore the signs anymore that she wanted to be loved. For all her dark, and all her light.

And that is where things really started to shift. I felt powerful enough to make choices that were long overdue, I learned the art of true surrender and how life flows when I dare to give in. I started moving my body in ways that I did not know were possible, I allowed her to move in her wild and free way. My sexuality and pussy opened, freed from shame,  orgasms deepened and I started to own my birthright of feeling PLEASURE and ALIVE. I feel all my feels, know how to move them, how to express them. I love love love my body and I honor my pussy. She knows, and She is the gateway to my sacred soul. 

If you are still not sure if this program is for you, book your free 20 minute discovery call here: