Better Together

better together

anchoring love & connection

Couples! Would you like to experience more ease, joy, playfulness and freedom in your relationship? Join David and Tessa on an epic 6 week journey to grow your Love and Connection.

Do you want to anchor love and connection in your partnership?

Are you experiencing that what you mean to say is often received completely different?

Are you playing out your emotions on your partner?

Do you feel that you can use some practical communication and connection tools to keep your relationship happy and healthy?

Are you passionate about growing your Love and Connection within your relationship?

Then join us and a bunch of other lovely couples for an epic adventure that will restore and grow Love, Connection and Safety in your relationship!

you will discover

  • How to center and ground yourself in difficult times
  • how to find safety within yourself, whilst in relation to your partner
  • How to identify your patterns and needs and get them fulfilled
  • All about your "Inner Child" and how this shows up in romantic relationships
  • Awesome Practical Tools such as Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication, Body and Breathwork
  • How to treat each other with Love and Kindness

you will gain

6 x 90 minute group sessions:
Every week we will come together online and you will be guided through meditation, a practice and loads of information to give you the practical tools to really anchor your relationship in these turbulent times;

♡ Home play to practice what you have learned;

♡ Access to the recordings of the sessions so you can always go back to rewatch and/or redo.

course information

session 1: TBD
session 2: TBD
session 3: TBD
session 4: TBD
session 5: TBD
session 6: TBD

Thursday 19.30 - 21.00pm CET/SAST
there will be an optional 30 minute Q&A after class

during sessions you always have the option to switch your video off if you feel more comfortable with that

this course is LBGTQ+ friendly, all couples are welcome ♡

all sessions will be presented in English and will be recorded so you can re-watch in your own time

If you are not sure if this course is for you and you would love to know more about what to expect. We've got a core exercise for you, a communication tool for couples. It is all about desires, fears and loves. Download it here for free:

hello, we are Tessa & David

We are in what we call an intercultural conscious relationship. The main intention of our relationship is to support & help each other thrive while co-creating a relationship that is authentic to us.

It is a rocky and remarkable road! Sometimes we feel super attracted to each other and sometimes we wonder why we have chosen for each other! However, the best part is that we are learning that this is all perfectly normal 🙂

David is a musical artist with a great passion for personal development and health. He is trained in Mindfulness, Non Violent Communication and recently completed his ISTA Level 1 Course in Portugal.

Tessa is a Sex, Love and Relationship coach with a big passion for embodiment and bringing people back in alignment with their deepest truth. In her view a romantic relationship offers an enormous possibility for personal growth, if you are willingly to go there.

your investment

€ per couple
(there is a special price for South Africans, contact us for more information)

Early Bird: if you sign up before TBD you will get a 10% discount

what other people say

“Love never dies a natural death.

It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source”  

Anais Nin