2023 new morning ritual

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sensual morning ritual

Start your day with a bit of self-care, to awaken your sensual self and set the energy for the day. This sensual self-care morning ritual creates a moment in your day to make time for yourself and your body. To listen to what She has to say. It gives you permission to slow down and to create space for a deep nourishing connection with the wise woman inside of you.


The #1 key to free your sensual self is getting out of your head and back into your body

This morning ritual makes that super easy for you:

  1. You can stay in bed while listening to my guided audio;
  2. It helps you overcome obstacles of touching yourself;
  3. In only 15 minutes you will feel connected to your body and yourself so you can take that with you throughout the day;
  4. Your body is ready for you and would love to share her innate wisdom!

ancient practices

in this morning ritual you will be discovering three ancient practices

"What is really awesome is that through the fantastic practices I reconnected with my playful, sensual, fun making and exploring nature. I am less in my mind during sex, I am less ashamed and my playfulness is back!"

Jessie, Eindhoven