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my offerings

In a soft and safe space I hold you through vulnerability. My offerings contain different practices, all with a healing, playful and exploring touch to connect on a deeper level with your original essence.

1:1 coaching

online coaching journeys

My session are based on the VITA™ Coaching methodology. It is a proces of transformation to heal and awaken sexuality through the use of powerful combination of holistic tools. It offers a completely unique approach to healing and awakening not only sexuality but also a return to one's essence.

I offer 2 and 3 month journeys to create an opening to get to know your Divine Feminine, to love her, to honor her, to adore her, to pleasure her and to let her guide you with the infinite and divine wisdom that she is.


yoni love

In this workshop I create a safe and inviting space to reconnect with and listen in to your pussy. A beautiful sacred time with other women to remember your life force.

yin yoga & live music

Yin Yoga combined with live music sparks some magic. In this workshop David & me are combining our gifts to help you complete stress cycles and create a deep stress relief.

yin yoga

slow down & surrender

Yin Yoga is an intimate form of yoga that allows you to connect with your feminine energy and on a deeper layer with your true self, with the light and the dark that you are. It is a beautiful, confronting and magical mirror. An answer to more balance in the yang-oriented world most of us live in.

Female sexuality thrives when you really learn to slow down, let go of expectations and surrender fully into the moment. Yin Yoga is your best teacher.


a sacred dance

Thai Yoga Massage is a journey through your body, a sacred dance and holy communion between two people to unblock energy stagnation.
The aim is for both receiver and giver to enter a meditative state where the body can start to heal itself.

Through gentle rocking, rhythmic pressure on certain points and yogic stretches, the body is reminded that it is free, so you can stop doing and start being instead.