group programs

My online group programs are perfect for deep inner work, beautiful explorations and play.

Get intimate with yourself or within your relationship and celebrate!

Free your Feminine

a sensual homecoming

An epic 7 week journey to unlock your sensual self, awaken and unleash her!

Every week we will dive into some of my favorite ancient Taoist or Tantric practices combined with modern coaching techniques and based on neuropsychology. We will work with changing your sexual story, loving your body on different levels, liberating your emotions, allowing more pleasure into your life and we will increase your safety in showing your sexy self to yourself and the world.

better together

grow love & connection

Better Together is a basic need for couples. In 6 weeks you will build a foundation of honest communication and you will learn how to feed your couple bubble.

In this program you will learn difficult communication and connection tools that will help your relationship to run smoother and to relate on a more true and intimate level. It will elevate your partnership!