Yin Yoga

yin yoga

slow down and surrender

Female sexuality thrives when you really learn to slow down, let go of expectations and surrender fully into the moment. Yin Yoga is one of your best teachers.

tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are

Time and time again yoga crosses my path and teaches me to go back to my essence. To faith, patience, balance, silence and it shows me how to connect with myself again without judgement in a playful and exploring way.

In a world full of attractions and stimulation yoga for me is strongly connected to a meditative state of being, in movement or sitting still. Feeling. Awareness. Being in the present moment instead of dwelling in the unchangeable past and/or undetermined future.

Investigating what is going on, deep inside, by taking a step back rather than jumping forward. Being instead of doing. An effortless connection to the true nature of things and my own being.

yin yoga

long holds
Yin Yoga is all about long holds, slowing down, deep stretching (physical, mental and emotional), softening, surrendering and finding relaxation within resistance. It is about acceptance and daring to be still and to stay with what is.

It is an intimate form of yoga that allows you to connect on a deeper layer with your true self, with the light and the dark that you are. It is a beautiful, confronting and magical mirror. An answer to more balance in the yang-oriented world most of us live in.

connective tissue
Yin yoga is the opposite of yang yoga. The postures are mostly seated or lying and you hold postures for a longer period of time (from 3 minutes up). The emphasis in this practice is to let go of muscular tension. This causes pressure in your joints, while your connective tissue, cartilage and tendons get stretched. In this way they strengthen and blockages are being removed so your Chi can flow freely through your body.

meditative quality
Although you relax as much as you can, Yin yoga can be very intense, emotional and sometimes confrontational. It has a strong meditative quality and teaches you to be in the moment, with everything there is. It is a perfect way to explore and work with your physical, mental and emotional boundaries.