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(s)he, too

She Too 23 October 2017 I have waited for the biggest #metoo storm to pass, one the hand because I often need more time to let things sink in and on the other hand because I felt an inner conflict. One voice told me all the time that I MUST write something, since She Blooms is all about female sexuality. The other voice whispered softly that I did not have too, only if I really felt like. She Blooms is […]

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Reset 23 April 2017 This journey of She Blooms is one big journey inside of myself. After I have arrived in Africa I may first reset myself. My phone dies and with this the connection with my common network. My accommodation seemed to fit fantastic, although I realize that I made this decision mostly with my mind and I forgot to feel with my belly and heart. Today I read in the book of Chantal (on high heels in Africa) […]

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